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Vestiena, hotel

Silmači, recreation centre

The biggest recreation centre in Vidzeme!

Krastmaļi, guest house

Lāču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!

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Board of Vidzeme Tourism Association

Board of Vidzeme Tourism Association is composed of 15 Members. Most of the Board Members are Heads of Vidzeme Municipalities, but there are also some entrepreneurs and tourism professionals. The aim of the Board is to represent the interests concerning tourism in Vidzeme Municipalities, decide upon involvement in the projects as well as to set the direction of VTA.

Mr. Raitis Sijāts Head of the Board  
Mr. Kārlis Albergs Head of Valka Region Council    
Mr. Jānis Bakmanis

Deputy Head of Aloja Region Council, CEO of Latvian Soccer Federation Recreation and Training Center "Staicele"

Ms. Aivita Heniņa Ogre Crafts School    
Ms. Guna Ķibere

Head of  Rūjiena County Tourist Information and Business Support Centre

Mr. Normunds Līcis Deputy Head of Saulkrasti Region Council    
Mr. Andris Neimanis Head of Rauna region council    
Ms. Sanita Soma Head of Madona TIC    
Ms. Iveta Sproģe

CEO of Recreation Complex "Laimes Ligzda"

Ms. Guna Švika Head of Gulbene Region Information Council    
Mr. Guntars Velcis

Head of Ērgļi Region Council

Mr. Jānis Zilvers

Deputy Head of Sigulda Region Council

Ms. Pārsla Gulbe Head of Ainaži TIC    
Mr. Kārlis Sausnītis CEO of "Minhauzena pasaule"    
Ms. Astrīda Harju  Head of Ape Region Council    



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