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Alūksne Gulbene Valka Valmiera Limbaži Sigulda Ogre Rīga Cēsis Madona

Alūksne district [uz augšu]

Aluksne Local Heritage and Art Museum

Pils str. 74, Alūksne

 Phone 4381321  

E. Zālītes memorial house

Ape, Alūksnes district

 Phone 4322271, 26801900  

J. Vītola memorial museum “Anniņa”

Anniņas, Gaujiena, Alūksnes district

 Phone 26546842  
 Description In summers and holidays here used to live composer and professor Jāzeps Vītols and his spouse Annija. Every summer in the third saturday of July a Music day devoted to Jāzeps Vītols takes place here.

O.Vācieša, L.Laicena, Jāņa and Ādolfa Grestes memorial rooms

Trapene, Alūksnes district

 Phone 26313975  

the Bible museum

Pils str. 25a, Alūksne

 Phone 4323164  
 Description In the only Bible museum in Latvia you can find various Bibles, song and prayer books, as well as other resources and Bibles from other countries and in other languages. Biggest exhibit in the museum is the first Bible in Latvia by E. Gliks - one of the keystones in the history of Latvian culture.

V.Ķirpa Ate museum

Ate, Kalncempji municipality, Alūksnes district

 Phone 4345452, 29400393  
 Description V.Ķirpa Ates museum is made as a Vidzeme farmstead with 13 renewed and newly built houses. In every buiding you can find the specific tools and machines. In the territory of the museum you can find the Otte watermill, built in 1785

Vides labirints

Pils str. 74, Alūksne

 Phone 4323942  

Cēsis district [uz augšu]

Āraiši lake castle

Drabeši parish, Cēsis district

 Phone 4197288
 Description The Āraiši lake castle is the first archeological open-air museum in the Baltics. Here you can find reconstructed houses as they were 1000 years ago. The basis for the ancient reconstruction are the wooden buildings found in the lake together with other ancient tools.

Cēsis Museum of History and Art

Pils square 9, Cēsis

 Phone 4122615
 Description In the Museum of History and Art of Cēsis the visitors can get acquainted with the history of Cesis region in chronological order starting from 9th century B.C. till the beginning of 20th century. The Lademacher Tower has an extensive view of Cēsis and the environs. The Latvian flag here is a witness that Cesis is the birthplace of the natioanl flag. In the museum you can also find the weavers workshop Vēverīšas, where you can learn a lot about the work of a weaver and the history and traditions of weaving.


Jaunpiebalaga parish, Cēsis district

 Phone 4100351  
 Description The memorial museum of Emīls Dārziņš offers and exhibition about the life of the famous composer.


Liepa parish, Cēsis district

 Phone 4195309  
 Description Kalāči was the place where famous Latvian poet Edvards Veidenbaums lived and worked. At the moment there is a museum, and in the nearby house - an exhibition hall. In the garden there is a monument devoted to E. Veidenmbaums.

Kalna Kaibēni

Vecpiebalga parish, Cēsis district

 Phone 4168216, 29196952  
 Description Kalna Kaibēni is the memorial museum of the famous poets brothers Kaudzītes, who rebuilt the house in the 19th century, taking as an example the European architecture of that time.


Vecpiebalgas parish, Cēsis district

 Phone 4164252, 26494406  
 Description Saulrieti is the memorial museum of the famous poet Kārļis Skalbe, where he lived and worked.


Vecpiebalga parish, Cēsisi district

 Phone 29364806  
 Description This is a part of the Latvian Ethnographic Museum. Visitors can see an authentic frames as well as make their own pictures.

Gulbene district [uz augšu]

Druviena old school-museum

Druviena Vecā Skola (Old school), Druviena, Gulbenes district

 Phone 4444550
 Description Druviena old school - muesum was founded in 1966. in the former school building after the suggestion of the former teacher Kārlis Egle, who was teaching literature in this school. Druviena old school gives the visitor a unique possibility to experience an authentic 19th century wooden school building. In the museum there is also ethnographical exhibition, which shows the everyday life of the people living in Druviena in the 19th century. Everyone is welcome!

Gulbene history and art museum

Brīvības str. 10, Gulbene

 Phone 4473098
 Description Gulbene history and art museum is located in the Vecgulbene manor. Founded in 1982., the total number of exhibits exceeds 50 000 units. The museum also offers guided excursions in Gulbene city and district.

The wedding museum “Rubenes”

Rubenes, Lizuma parish, Gulbene district

 Phone 29492964
 Description In the only wedding museum in Latvia one can find various attributes about wedding - from songs till brides robe.

“Silmači” - open-air stage, museum

Silmači, Druviena parish, Gulbene district

 Phone 4444547
 Description This open-air stage in Druviena was built specially for the famous performance "Skroderdienas Silmačos" bu Rūdolfs Blaumanis. There is also a museum building nearb. People have lived in Silmači for a long time, dating back to medieval.

Limbaži district [uz augšu]

Ainaži fire-fighting museum

Valdemāra str. 69, Ainaži, Limbaži district

 Phone 4043280, 26120683  
 Description Ainaži fire-fighting mueum is located at the old depo. There is an exhibition about the history of the fireman in Ainaži.

Ainažu naval school museum

Valdemāra str. 47, Ainaži, Limbaži district

 Phone 4043349  
 Description Ainaži naval school museum introduces us the history of the first naval school in Latvia, as well as the history of the ship building in the Baltic Sea Region. In the garden of the museum there is a collection of anchors.

Ķirbiži Forest museum

Ķirbiži, Viļķene parish, Limbaži district

 Phone 4023810, 29472882  
 Description Exhibition about the nature of the Limbaži district, and the history of forestry

Limbaži museum

Burtnieku str. 7, Limbaži

 Phone 4070632  
 Description The museum building was built in the beginning of the 19th century. Nowadays here is a history museum as well as an exhibition hall.

Memorial house of the composer E.Melngailis

Melngaiļi, Vidriži parish, Limbaži district

 Phone 4062225, 26525985  
 Description In the memorial house you can learn about the famous Latvian composer E. Melngailis, about his life and works

Memorial museum „Rumbiņi”

Katvaru pagasts, Limbažu rajons

 Phone 26329315  
 Description In the meomorial museum „Rumbiņi” you can get acquainted with the lives of three very famous Latvian poets - Fricis Bārda (1880-1919), his wife Paulina Barda (1890-1993), and his brother Antons Bārda(1891–1981). The history of the museum starts in 1968., when, after long suppression of the USSR, finally the museum was opened to show the life and works of one of the most famous Latvian poets.

Miunchausen museum

Dunte, Liepupe parish, Limbaži district

 Phone 29130776  
 Description There are only two Munchausen museums in the whole world - one in Germany, and the other one in Liepupe, Latvia. Here one can see various materials about the life of Munchausen in Dunte, as well as vax figures. You can also go to the nearby sea, as well as stay in a comfortable hotel.

Pāle parish museum of study of local history

Kalnakrogs, Pāles parish, Limbaži district

 Phone 4038408, 26539080  
 Description In the permanen exhibition you can get acquainted with the history and culture of the Pale parish

Salacgrīva museum

Sila str. 2, Salacgrīva, Limbži district

 Phone 4071981  
 Description In the museum there are various exhibitions about the history of Salacgrīva area, about the life and art next to the sea.

The Liv museum „Pivalind”

Lielā str. 14, Staicele, Limbaži district

 Phone 6857609  
 Description In the museum one can get acquainted with the history of Livs, their culture, as well as the history of the Staicele area.

Madona district [uz augšu]

"Liepsalas" The memorial house of the Latvian colonel Oskars Kalpaks

Liepsalas, Ošupes parish, Madona district

 Phone 29229362, 26459188  
 Description Open-air exhibition devoted to the first Latvian army Commander-in-Chief Oskars Kalpaks.

"Braki” The memorial museum of Rudolfs Blaumanis

Braki, Ērgļi parish, Madona district

 Phone 4871569, 26406289  
 Description The life of the famous poet Rūdolfs Blaumanis (1863.-1908.g.). A possibility to visit the place where the poet lived and wrote his famous novels.

"Līdumi" The museum of the writer Valdis

Līdumi, Sausnēja parish, Madona district

 Phone 4873821  
 Description An exhibition about the works of the writer Valdis, as well as the history about Sausnēja parish

"Mucenieki" , The museum of writer Doku Atis

Mucenieki, Dzelzava parish, Madona district

 Phone 5987935  
 Description Exhibition about writer, founder of Latvian child poetry - Doku Atis (1862.-1903.)

Aiviekste HES museum

Aiviekste, Madona district

 Phone 4810348, 4822480  
 Description A possibility to see the HES, how it works as well as the fishpass

Madonas museum of art, exhibition hall

Skolas str. 10, Madona

 Phone 4823844  
 Description In the permanenet exhibition you can get acquainted with the archeology of the Madona. There are also changing exhibitions about the culture, history and art.

Memorial museum of the brothers Jurjāni - "Meņģeļi"

Meņģeļi , Ērgļi parish, Madona district

 Phone 29431659  
 Description In the memorial museum you can get acquainted with the life of the very famous Latvian composers - Jurjani brothers. There is also an exhibition.

Memorial room of the writer A.Saulietis

Grašu Saulieši, Cesvaine parish., Madona district

 Phone 4800364  
 Description Exhibition about writer A. Saulieties (1869.-1933.g.)

Private museum of the Opera singer Jānis Zābers "Vecais ceplis"

Vecais ceplis, Meirāni, Indrāni parish, Madona district

 Phone 4895310, 26155132  
 Description Songs and arias performed by Janis Zabers

The museum of the professor Aleksandrs Bieziņs "Dilmaņi"

Dilmaņi, Sarkaņi parish, Madona district

 Phone 29452112  
 Description The museum has an exhibition about the first Latvian children surgeon, professor Aleksandrs. The exhibition shows his life and scientifical work.

Varakļāni parish museum

Pils str. 29, Varakļāni, Madona district

 Phone 4866162, 29359242  
 Description Varaklani manor complex, and how its beeing reconstructet to save it for the next generations. Inside exhibitions about Varaklani parish, its history, art and famous people.

Ogre district [uz augšu]

Cinema museum – communications centre Ķeipene and Sergejs Eizenšteins museum

Ķeipene station, Ķeipenes parish, Ogre district

 Phone 26314147
 Description The Cinema museum - communications centre is the only place in the world devoted to the movie genius Sergejs Eizenšteins..

Daugava HES museum

Ķeguma prosp. 7/9, Ķegums, Ogre district

 Phone 5010355, 29406531  
 Description Daugava HES museum was founded to 1995 in the premises of the old HES building, built in 1905. Museum collects and exhibits materials about all 3 HES on river Daugava (like documents, photos, movies etc.) from the beginning till nowadays.

Latvian guide and scout museum

Mālkalnes prosp. 10

 Phone 5023993  
 Description The museum was founded in 1991. and introduces the visitor with the popular movement of scouts. Here one can see various materials about the movement, uniforms, badges, flags etc.

Memorial room of the writer Regīna Ezera

Brieži, Ķegums parish, Ogre district

 Phone 5038815, 26789686  
 Description At the moment two rooms are open for exhibitions. Here you can find the things which belonged to the writer, notes and her friend - typewriter

Ogre History and Art museum

Kalna prosp. 3, Ogre

 Phone 5024345  
 Description Ogre history and art museum was founded in 1980., in a building built in 1927, surrounded by a park. One of the halls open for art exhibitions.

S.Edžus memorial house

Siliņi, Meņģele parish, Ogre district

 Phone 5031186  
 Description The famous writer Eduards Zilberts, (1860.-1941.) was born and spent his childhood here. Permanent exhibitions opened since 1989.

The museum of Andrejs Pumpurs

E.Kauliņa aleja 20, Lielvārde, Lievārde district

 Phone 65053759
 Description Materials and exhibition about the famous poet Andrejs Pumpurs (1841 - 1902), epic Lāčplēsis, Latvian culture and history. Every year 22nd of September is a celebration for the museum. The museum also offers excursions.

The museum “Bet tā bija!” (But it was!) in Madliena

Liepzeme, Madliena parish, Ogre district

 Phone 5039040; 29430088  
 Description In the mueums there is a permanent exhibition about he bolsheviks and their regime. Its located in the school of Plātere, built in 1868. Here worked the first Latvian press baroon Antons Benjāmiņš and composer Kārlis Kažociņš. There are 7 permanent exhibitions in total. Excursions offered.

Rīga district [uz augšu]

Exhibition about WW II and More battle

Kalna Kaņēni, More parish, Sigulda region, Rīga district

 Phone 4147236, 29446115  
 Description In the exhibition the visitors can get acquanted with the WW II battle near More, as well as various items from that time.

Saulkrasti biking museum

Rīgas str. 44a, Saulkrasti, Rīga district

 Phone 28883160
 Description The owners of the unique collection of ancient bicycles in Latvia are Janis and Guntis Seregins. Collection of bicycles dates back to the 1977.The collection consists of technically most interesting samples of bicycle development history found in Latvia.

The Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaidas str. 10, Sigulda, Rīga district

 Phone 7971402
 Description The territory of 42 ha of Museum Reserve is rich in the monuments of archeology, architecture, history and art which tell us about the events in the course of 1000 years starting with 11th century. Turaida Museum Reserve is many-sided museum – along with arrangement of expositions is carried out preservation of cultural environment as well as cultivation and arrangement of landscape and various activities to attract visitors.

Valka district [uz augšu]

The collection of Liga Klepere

Lejas Kleperi, Launkalne parish, Valka district

 Phone 4700464, 26485545  
 Description The everyday life of the household is closely connected to wood and forest management. Here you can get acquainted with a lot of tools connected to this sphere.

The museum of poet Velga Krille

Strautiņi, Valka parish, Valka district

 Phone 4745688  
 Description A possibility to see the place where the poet lived, her works and everyday life

The museum of the local history of Valka

Rīgas str. 64, Valka

 Phone 4722198
 Description The museum is popularizing the work of Janis Cimze. Regural exhibitions can be found here.

Valmiera district [uz augšu]

Antiques collection

Meldri, Vaidava parish, Valmiera district

 Phone 26323724  
 Description Collection of antiques. An excursion possible.

Mazsalaca local history museum

Rīgas str. 1, Mazsalaca, Valmiera district

 Phone 4251781  
 Description Here you see an exhibition about the local history of Mazsalaca, as well as about 400 small wooden figures.

Rūjiena museum - exhibition hall

Rīgas str. 34, Rūjiena

 Phone 4263175, 26381413
 Description Exhibition about the local history of Rujiena and the most famous people born in Rujiena. Changing art exhibitions. Guided tours in Rujiena possible.

Saddlery museum

Briedeskrogs, Burtnieki parish, Valmiera district

 Phone 29124573  

Valmiera local history museum

Bruņinieku str. 3, Valmiera

 Phone 4223620, 4224770
 Description There is a new exhibition hall built in year 2005. In the museum there is a permanent exhibition about the city of Valmiera and the history of Valmiera region, as well as changing exhibitions.

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