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Ungurmuiža, guest house

Ungurmuiža, guest house

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Grašu pils, guest house

[14.03.2008] A new map of Valmiera district will be presented in Valmiera Tourism Information Centre

The new map will include the most recent information and the newest tourist destinations in Valmiera, Rujiena, Mazsalaca and Burtnieki, says Ilze Liepa, Head of Valmiera TIC. The map has been created thanks to the cooperation of all TICs in Valmiera district.

The map includes the information about the places of active recreation, equipment rental places, maps of the cities as well as the places of accommodations. The map is available in four languages: Latvian, English, German and Russian.

The last map was published on year 2002.

Source:, LETA



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