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[28.02.2008] Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre participates in the campaign "The month of good service"
This project was first organized seven years ago, and in Latvia it takes place the fourth time, and at the moment all three Baltic States are participating

The aim of the project is to improve the level of the service in Latvia, and that also requires an active participation from the organizations and entrepreneurs. Also the level of the motivation of the employees as well as the knowledge about the service is an important factor.

This year Cēsis Tourism Information centre, Exhibition Hall and Medieval Castle takes place in this campaign.

From the 1st till the 31s of March everyone is welcome to voice their opinion:

- in the web
- e-mail;
- phone 1180;
- questionnaire boxes in the objects.

 Source: Cēsis TIC, Liene Kiršteine



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