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Recreation centre "Rāmkalni"

Recreation centre "Rāmkalni"

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In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

Narrow gauge train from Alūksne to Gulbene

[02.03.2008] Jūrmala city council approves the tourism strategy for years 2007. - 2018.
In the council's meeting that took place on the 14th of February, the new tourism strategy for years 2007. - 2018. was approved

The main aims of the new tourism strategy are the increase of the tourists, also not only in the summer months, more accommodations and the amount that the tourist spend on average should be increased.

The strategy has been divided in the four main programmes: the development of the resorts, tourism marketing, tourism infrastructure and the promotion of tourism education. All programmes have been designed for the next five years and includes specific projects.

The tourism strategy has been created, by taking into consideration the World Bank criteria and methodology. It consists from the vision, strategical goals, supporting documents, main assignments for reaching the goals, resort development programme, tourism infrastructure development programme, tourism education promotion programme as well as the analysis of the main tourism resources, activities, developments and trends.

The data in the strategy has been analyzed for the past five years and compared to other cities in Latvia, by taking SWOT matrix as the analysis tool.

The responsible instituition for the implementation of the strategy will be the Jūrmala City Council, but for some projects other municipalities, NGOs and government bodies will also take place.

Jūrmala city development strategy was worked out by Jūrmala City Council specialists together with SIA „Dea Baltika” and SIA „VSKB Vide”.

Source: Jūrmala city council



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