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Restaurant "Dikļu pils"

[15.02.2008] Sigulda city celebrates 80 years! Congratulations!
On the 11th of February, 1928 a law about granting the city rights to 16 populated places was adopted, and Sigulda oficially gained the city status.

On the 11th of February, 1928, 16 places in Latvia were granted the city status: Balvi, Preili, Varaklani, Vilani, Kraslava, Ape, Kemeri, Ogre, Salacgriva, Lejasciems, Gulbene, Mazsalaca, Priekuli, Sigulda, Strenci and Viesite.
„Sigulda will celebrate the anniversary on 31st of May in Sigulda, Sigulda and More parishes as well as in Turaida and Krimulda and we welcome everyone to participate in the events that will take place - sports games, concerts and other events" Says J. Borīte, head of the Sigulda Area Culture Depertment.
„I would like to congratulate all citizens and guests of Sigulda city, thank for the work that has been done, and wish that we would continue the succesflu work in the future" says Tālis Puķītis, head of Sigulda Area Council
Source: Sigulda TIC



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