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[08.02.2008] "BALTTOUR 2008": Slogan for Limbaži: "We are the successors of Vidzeme Livs"
The slogan is taken from Pāle museum of local history, where an exhibition about Liv families and family-trees was held last year

Pāle museum is the only one in Latvia, where it is possible to get to know better the history of the Livs. In year 2002 a research about the successors of ancient Livs begun. Today we can say that most of the Livs were not extinct at the end of the 19th century, as it was assumed before by the majority of people. The research showed that the majority of the Liv families still exsist, and live not only near Svētciems, but in the territory of all Latvia. 

In Limbaži stand in "Balttour 2008" the Liv name „Tēriņtš!” has been used, which in Latvian means "Hi!". At the beckground of the stand there is a picture of the sea, which is 63km long in Limbaži district. The Limbaži stand in "Balttour 2008" was designed by artist Inta Brikmane and financed by Limbaži District Council.

This year the information about the tourism and rescreation possibilities in Limbaži district will be offered separately: the biggest events in Limbaži district, Accommodations, Offers for newlyweds, Limbaži district castles and manors, active recreation.

During the exhibition the visitor will be asked to fill out a little questionnaire, with a possibility to win various prizes.

Information by:
Ilze Millere
Limbaži TIC
Ph. +371



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