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[08.02.2008] 5 international sledge competitions in Sigulda
From 14.02-17.02.2008 of February in Sigulda, Viessmann World Cup in sledging will take place

Even though the winter in Latvia this year was not with a lot of snow, the wintersports fans will have a unique possibility to enjoy 5 international sledging competitions in Sigulda, for the first time in history!

The first event will be the Nation's Cup, which will take place from 13.02. On 14th and 15th February the visitors will have a unique possbility to see the best sportsman from all over the world, who will participate in Suzuki Challenge Cup and Viessmann 7th stage of World Cup.

A unique event is also two Viessmann World Cup stages in Sigulda. On Saturday, the 16th of February in Sigulda, Viessmann World Cup 8th Stage for women will take place.

The most interesting event, undoubtedly, will be the Viessmann World Cup and Suzuki team relay for men. It is a new type of competition, where 3 best countries are taking place - doubles, man and woman. When the first sportsman is finishing, the next one is starting at the same time. The winners will receive prizes, prepared by Sigulda Art School students - hand-painted cups. In total 48 cups have been made.

During the competitions from 14.02-17.02.2008 the visitors will have the possibility not only to enjoy world-class sledging competition, but also to listen to famous artists for free.

There is no entrance fee for the events



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