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[08.02.2008] Jūrmala – the best resort in the Baltic States already the 5th year in a row!
Jūrmala voted as the best resort by the visitors of the Russian tourism portal

This year Jūrmala will receive the prize together with such places as Sochi, the Maldives, Costa Dorada and Sharm el Sheikh.

The voting took place from 25.06.-31.12.2007 and about 7000 Internet users participated, which is more than the last year. The best airlines, travel agencies, resorts, hotels and media in the field of tourism were nominated and this year the prize was awarded only to the first place.

Jūrmala every year becomes more and more popular and the tourist flow is steadily increasing. Moreover, it is a pleasant fact that the resort is rated so high not only by tourists, but also tourism professionals. According to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, the number of tourists from Russia in the first 9 months has increased by 21%, if compared to a year before, and it is 14% of all tourists coming to Latvia.

The competition " Star" is organized by Russian company "", with an aim to clarify the top destinations of Russian tourists, as well as to popularize the winners. All visitors of the webpage are also informed about the winners, so it is a big impetus for the companies to keep an interest about the Russian market.

„” is the biggest Russian tourism portal, visited by almost 35 000 people daily, 70% of the visitors are from Russia. The " Star" was established in 2003 with an aim to get to know better the opinion of the tourists and to popularize the winners.  In year 2005 more than 3500 questionnaires were filled out. The voting takes place in homepage.




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