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[06.02.2008] Cēsis wants to become the European Capital of Culture
Cēsu city is aiming for a very ambitious and high target - to become the European Capital of Culture in year 2014

To promote the recognition of Cēsis city, as well as to develop the tourism and expend the local and international identity of the city, the Education Culture and Sports, and Finance Comitee of Cēsis City Council decided to support the participation of Cēsis city in the competition organized by the Ministry of Culture, to become the European Capital of Culture. To prepare all the necessary documentation a working group of 9 specialists has been created.


"Cēsis city now has a target to create the strategy for the cultural development, assess the possibilities, attract the necessary investments to develop the cultural life of Cēsis city, because if we want to apply for the competition, an evaluation must be done before. At the moment we see no obstacles to apply for the competition. According to the application guidelines the city must have an excellent cultural heritage, and that the cultural life is constantly expanding and beeing developed. There are no restrictions about the number of inhabitants and distance from other cities. So, now we just have to believe! The city will also gain a lot if we will not win the contest, as we will have developed a targeted financial management structure, investments in the city infrastructure." says Jolanta Sausiņa, the head of Cēsis History and Tourism Centre. She is also head of the working group.


Adris Mihaļovs, who is the author of the idea admits, that there must be an aim why to develop the city, and this contest offers a great possibility: "Cēsis 800th anniversary proved that we can organize celebrations not only for local inhabitants, but also for all Latvia and guests from abroad. Moreover, the participation in the contest will give the city a big popularity and it will be a big impetus to develop the city and the tourism infrastructure."



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