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[05.02.2008] Gulbene district will participate with a new brochure in "Balttour 2008"
This year Gulbene district will participate in a common stand with Alūksne district. The conjunctive element for both districts will be Gulbene - Alūksne narrow gauge railway

Gulbene district will also be represented by the most active entrepreneurs, and Vecgulbene Manor Complex, which will have a separate stand.

Guests will also have the possibility to get the new Gulbene District tourism brochure.

Gulbene district will also be represented in tourism exhibition "TourEst" in Tallin, which will take place from 15 - 17.02.2009. From 29.02-2.03.2008 Inga Barinska, the head of Gulbene TIC, will also participate in "VivaTours" in Vilnius and from 20-22.03.2008 in "Inventura" (Klaipeda, Lithuania) and 28.03-30.03.2008 in "Suvi" (Tartu, Estonia).

Source: Gulbene District Council



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