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[05.02.2008] New photo contest "Sports photo 2007" together with newspaper “Ogres Ziņas”
The photo contest will take place from 1.02. - 29.02.2008 in cooperation with Ogre Area Council, "Dziednīca", "SIA “Media 24” un SIA “Modra Skujiņa foto salons”

Everyone is welcome to participate with a photo, where a sportsman from Ogre or Ogre district is present, participating either in a local or international competition.

The photo must be taken during the last year, and will be evaluated by sports specialists and professionals.

The photo must be submitted together with a description and with:

  • Your name and surname
  • Phone, e-mail and address
  • The name of the sportsman in the the photo (or the team)
  • Place and time where the photo was taken

All photos will be published in newspaper "Ogres Ziņas" and

More information:
Kate Jēkabsone,
Head of competition “Sports photo 2007”
Ph. + 371 65071254, + 371 26488451



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