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[05.02.2008] Alūksne has surprises for Balttour 2008!
During the exhibition in Alūksne stand, on Friday and Saturday the guests can meet Ernests Gliks, who will be played by the head of Alūksne City Council - Viktors Litaunieks

This year for the exhibiton "Balttour 2008" Alūksne City Council has prepared three new products.

A movie about Alūksne will be showed. It will also participate in the movie contest, which also will take place during the exhibition. In total, 55 movies will be shown, and they all will participate in a contest.

This year a new tourism information brochure about Alūksne has been created. This brochure is very colorful, and includes all necesarry information about Alūksne - tourism objects, museums, accommodations, cafes and restourants. There are also tourism routes included.

This year the idea of Viktors Litaunieks will also be presented - a brochure with a slogan "Alūksne welcomes you!", which easily fits in the pocket or purse, and informs about the biggest culture and recreation events in Alūksne in 2008.

Alūksne stand in "Balttour 2008" will be very modern and interesting, and Alūksne city will be represented by Inese Dauškane and Santa Svara. There will also be surprises for the visitors!

Viktors Litaunieks, the head of Alūksne City Council will also participate at the opening of the exhibition: "This exhibition is a great possibilty to show others who we are and where are we going. For this exhibition we have prepared new materials, brochures and other advertisement elements. Many tourists today also get information from Internet, so I encourage you to use this possibility."

Source: Evita Aploka, Alūksne City Council



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