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Ezergribieši, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Tavern "Mazais Ansis"

Vestiena, hotel

Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

[05.02.2008] Valmiera city will participate in "Balttour 2008" with new brochures
Valmiera city will be represented in the common stand of Vidzeme, and the newest brochures will be available for the guests

Valmiera Tourism Information Centre specialists this weekend will participate in the exhibition "Balttour 2008", which is organized by Latvian Tourism Agent's Association and BT1.

Ilze Liepa, head of Valmiera TIC: "We will bring with us the newest materials: "Valmiera thinks and creates", "Travel in Valmiera district - offers for big and small tourist groups 2008", "Relax in Valmiera district 2008" as well as the new Valmiera city tourism map and brochures of the firms"

Valmiera district in "Balttour 2008" will be together with Cēsis, Madona and Valka districts in Vidzeme stand.

The tourism exhibition "Balttour 2008" is taking place aready the 15th time, and during the exhibition the guests can get acquainted not only with the local, but also international tourism offers.

Source: Inese Kazuša, Valmiera City Council



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