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Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

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[05.02.2008] News from Sigulda Tourism Information Centre
Sigulda TIC this year is planning to participate in many international tourism exhibitions, and has also prepared new tourism materials. Also the statistics about the last year have been summarized

Sigulda Area Tourism Information Centre (SATIC) this year is going to participate in several tourism exhibitions. In year 2008 SATIC was already represented in Helsinki, at the beginning of February - in Hamburg, and also in Balttour, which will take place this weekend (8.02-10.02.2008). In February and March SATIC will also participate in exhibitions in Lithuania and Estonia. The participation in the exhibitions are supported by Tourism Development State Agency and Vidzeme Tourism Association.

SATIC has also prepared new materials for the exhibitions in various languages: Finnish, German, Lithuanian, English and Russian with an aim to attract tourists who have never before been in Sigulda.

In the biggest exhibition in Latvia - "Balttour 2008" SATIC will participate together with Riga Distric Council, Turaida Museum, Daugava Museum, Saulkrasti TIC. For the first time Mālpils parish (which will celebrate its 800th anniversary this autumn) and Sigulda Area Tourism Association (with its new project "Siguldas Spieķis") will also participate in Balttour 2008. 

This year SATIC has already published Sigulda and Sigulda Area tourism maps in Latvian, English, German and Russian with marked tourist objects. These maps are availabe in SATIC.

The number of visitors, if compared to the last year, has increased - from 9928 to 15869. Also in 2007 SATIC has started to offer its clients new services - ticket booking to concerts, operas and events in Latvia.

Source: Gunta Vītola, head of Sigulda Area Tourism Information Centre



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