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[04.02.2008] „Hotel Tigra” joins Best Western
In February "Hotel Tigra", a member of the VTA, joined "Best Western" group, and from now on the name of the hotel will be „Best Western Hotel Tigra”

"Best Western" is the biggest hotel chain in the World, with almost 4200 hotels in 80 countries and every night almost 400 000 people uses the services of "Best Western" worldwide.

For the guests it means high quality service, wide range of services according to "Best Western" quality standards. There are also a customer loyalty programme, pre-paid gift cards, special discounts, wide choice of booking options as well as many other offers available. More information available

Gold Crown Club is a customer loyalty programme, and its members can receive not only special offers, but also collect points and spend them at any hotel of "Best Western" group. This programmes is also connected with some of the airline loyalty programmes. If you would like to join the programme, please send an e-mail to:

"Best Western Hotel Tigra"
Ed.Veidbauma str. 2, Priekuļi
Cēsis district.  LV-4126 (only 5km from Cēsis city center)
ph. 64127722; fax 64127720
Source: Best Western Hotel Tigra



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