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6-8 July, Saulkrasti Festival
Saulkrasti invites everyone to once more take part in the city’s annual festival, from 6-8 July. The theme of this year’s festival has to do with secrets


6 July, 5:00 P.M. Sacred music concert at Saulkrasti Pēterupe Evangelic Lutheran Church, performed by St. Stephen's church choir (Hamburg, Germany).

Attention visitors: On 6 July, free public transport will be available for the route Melnsila Street – Saulkrasti City Centre (Church) – White Dune – Saulkrasti City Centre (Church) (starting 4.30 P.M. from the Melnsila Street bus stop).
Sunset Secret, 7:00 P.M. Creative workshops at the White Dune for visitors of all ages, a plein aire of painters, and a competition for sculpting sand figures at the foot of the White Dune – all with the theme of SECRETS. At 9:30 P.M., the sunset secret will be revealed by the charming Linda Leen. Although the singer is a bright star in the sky of Latvian music, she still has a few secrets of her own. Her performances can be described by melodies of summer and sunset, as being bright, meticulous, professional and excellent, elegant and sensible. On 6 July, we will all have a chance to lift the curtain of mystery and reveal this diva’s secret.

Attention visitors: On 6 July, free public transport will be available for the route Melnsila Street – Saulkrasti City Centre – White Dune (from 7.30 P.M. from the Melnsila Street bus stop), as well as back to the city centre after the concert.

7 July, Secrets of the Sea, Wind and a Smile –the main day of celebrations when every visitor will have the opportunity to discover at least one of Saulkrasti secrets.
The festival will start with a musical awakening (from 9:00 A.M.), summoning everyone to the train station to greet the party train arriving at the Saulkrasti station in the morning.
At 8:00 A.M., the craftsmen bazaar and Latvian food market will open its gates for the visitors.
At 9:00 A.M., football in the Zvejniekciems Stadium.
Two exciting and very different exhibitions will be available for the visitors all day long:
Exhibition of the needlework and weaver creations Surprises at Saulkrasti Council Hall;
Exhibition In the Sun in honour of the artist’s Nikolajs Karogodins 90th anniversary at Recreation Centre Zvejniekciems (artworks from private collections).
From 10:00 A.M., activities will be available in Sun Square that will help reveal the secret of a smile – everyone is welcome to try their hand at knitting, treading, jumping or testing personal knowledge of the lyrics of the Saulkrasti Hymn and to reveal the magic tricks of illusionists.
11:00 A.M. Table tennis, Saulkrasti Sports Centre
11:00 A.M. Beach volleyball, MIX group at the Sports and Recreation Centre “Koklītes”
11:00 A.M. Novus (mixed doubles) next to Saulkrasti Sports Centre
12:00 A.M. Ghetto street basketball, Sports and Recreation Centre “Koklītes”
12:00 A.M. Dune sprint orienteering competition. Start at Sun Square. Please sign up by 3 July (please apply for the mass start at the event site.)
01:00 P.M. Day Concert “Our Little Secrets” in Sun Square, a performance by Roberta Kumsāre,winner of the Voice Master 2010 competition together with our youngest singers and dancers. Her first CD Magical wings (Brīnumspārni)has just been released, featuring 12 songs performed by Roberta and composed by Kaspars Vecvagars, Ainars Virga, Niks Matvejevs and her singing teacher Igeta Gaiķe. Roberta will appear on stage together with her friends Elizabete Lukašēvica and the finalists of the TV show, the Singing Twins Sanita and Sanija Rozes, as well as new singer Jānis Narkevics. The programme leader is vocal instructor Igeta Gaiķe. Roberta proposes a competition – she encourages children to let loose their fantasies and draw their own wings of magic. The authors of the most creative and interesting drawings will be awarded with Roberta’s CD. (Please submit your drawings in person or send by post by 4 July: Atpūtas iela 1b, Zvejniekciems, Saulkrasti, Saulkrastu novads, LV-2161).
This year’s festival parade is called Our Secret, and everyone who is ready to reveal the mystical essence of human beings is welcome to sign up for participation in advance by calling the administration: +37167954179 (by 5 July) or in person, by visiting the Saulkrasti Culture and Sports Centre at 1b, Atpūtas Street.
07:15 P.M. All participants are invited to gather at Sun Square.
07:45 P.M. Festival parade Our Secret starting from Sun Square.
08:00 P.M. Festival performances Our Secrets on the Saulkrasti Open-air Stage, hosted by Marija Bērziņa and Normunds Laizāns, with the participation of Saulkrasti artistic collectives. Later, a dancing party with Normunds Rutulis, Gacho and the instrumental group of K. Krievkalns.
Attention visitors: On 7 July, free public transport will be available for the route Melnsila Street – Saulkrasti City Centre – White Dune – Saulkrasti City Centre (at 07:00 P.M. from the Melnsila Street bus stop and back to the city centre after the fireworks).
8 July, A Mystery of Wind and Song
6:00 A.M. Fishing by the Sports and Recreation Centre “Koklītes”

11:00 A.M. Dog competition Saulkrasti Cup in the National Multidiscipline Dog Competition. 04:00 P.M. The third gathering of Saulkrasti kokle players Koklē vēju vanadziņš at the Recreation Centre “Zvejniekciems”. The Saulkrasti kokle ensemble The Sun will be accompanied by a vocal group of Saulkrasti Secondary School students from grades 2 to 4 (under the supervision of L. Bāliņa), VJMMS (Vidzeme Music and Art School) folklore groups of kokle players, kokle students from Jugla Music School and members of the Riga Kokle Club, Limbaži Recreation Centre national music instruments folklore ensemble Kokle and composer Vilnis Salaks, as well as the VEF Culture Palace men's vocal ensemble.




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