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[31.01.2008] Naukšēni People's Museum and Amata territory becomes members of Vidzeme Tourism Association
On 30.01.2008 in Gulbene, during the VTA meeting, two new members were enrolled in Vidzeme Tourism Association

Naukšēni People's museum , as the name already says, is not a traditional museum. The museum offers excursions around Naukšēni manor and park. During the excursions the guests are told how the people lived in the past and what is happening at the manor complex nowadays. There are also rare and ancient trees in the park, as well as a beautiful banquet hall in the manor. In the People's museum you will be welcomed by Arnis Ozoliņš, the head of Naukšēni Tourism Information Point and guide Antra Krievāne. 

More information about Naukšēni People's Museum:

Ph. +371 29359390, +371 64268021  and

Amata territory is one of the most beautiful places in Latvia with many tourist destinations. The famous Āraiši lake castle, Zvārte rock, Āraiši windmill, Ieriķi mill and Zaķīši as well as many other interesting objects are located here.

There are also many accommodations in Amata territory. The newest and biggest is the guest house "Bille" with 60 beds and place for 120 people. There is also a conference hall for up to 250 persons. The last Vidzeme tourism conference took place here. Other popular accommodations are Melturi, guest house Kārļamuiža and recreation complex "Laimes ligzda".

Naukšēni People's Museum

Āraišu windmill in Amata territory



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