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Theatrical programmes in Cesis Castle Complex
Do you know who really lived in Cesis Castle? Inside castle walls, illuminated by candlelight - castle warden will tell about the daily life of the Livonian Order

Cesis Castle medieval programs:

1. „Inhabitants of the Cesis Castle”
Do you wish to know who really lived in Cçsis Castle? How the ancient castle residents spent their days in peacetime and war? The guide dressed as the ancient servant of the castle will present the daily life of the Castle. This program will give an idea of the medieval vision of the human world and let to discover how the inhabitants of the Castle spent their days with religious faith and humility and yet could fight in battle.
Program duration: 1 hour
Price for group: Ls 40,-

2. „Cesis Castle stories”
We invite you to discover Cçsis Castle, listening to ancient legends and stories. A guide dressed in medieval costume will welcome you by presenting the castle, history and legends associated with it. A visit at the ancient castle basement, which used to be a dungeon, will let to find out which famous, influential people have spent their worst days and what weird things sometimes took place here. After visiting the cellar, a guide will take you to the Castle tower where you will be awaited by a submissive servant of the master of the Livonian order – the Castle governor Ditrich. He will tell you the exciting events that have once occurred within the Castle walls.
Program duration: 1 hour
Price for group: Ls 40,-

3. „Medieval games”
We offer you get in the Middle Ages with various power and dexterity games. The following games were played from an early age, thus ensuring the necessary skills needed to become a full member of Knights. The Castle servant will introduce you to several exciting agility tests like fighting on the balance beam, walking on stilts, dropping stones into the target, pulling the stick and other activities.
Program duration: 1 hour
Price for group: Ls 40,-

4. „Prepare for the battle in Cesis Castle!”
During the Middle Ages, in order to win the battle, the knight had to develop their jousting and fighting skills in regular drills. This interactive program gives the opportunity to participate in various medieval disciplines of force and dexterity! Cçsis Castle has been a medieval fortress administrated by the Livonian order of knights. The brother - knight and his assistant will welcome you at the castle gates. They will present the life of the Livonian order Castle of Cçsis and take you to the medieval battle training area where you will be invited to test your skills in such dexterity and strength tests as running with foot soldiers pike, hitting the tip of the iron ring, walking on stilts, spear throwing, struggle with sacks of straw on balance beam.
Program duration: 1,5- 2 hours
Price for group: Ls 60,-

5. „One day in the Livonian Order”
The inhabitants of the Castle invite you to experience the life in medieval castle. You will have a possibility to find out the rules of social life in the Livonian Order and to enjoy plain food together with Brothers of the Order. During the day you will find out how knights developed their fighting abilities and everyone will have a possibility to test skills in some disciplines. But before the meal you’ll be invited to take part in worship and to learn the most important prayers in Latin.
Program duration: 3- 4 hours
Price for group: Ls 70,-

6. „Medieval feast in Cesis castle”
You are invited to travel in time and take part in a medieval feast at Cçsis Castle. The governor of the castle - brother Dietrich will welcome you at the feast table to enjoy a medieval banquet. Various medieval delicacies and beer from the Castle’s beer-cellar will be served. The Castle servants will also teach you the most beautiful medieval dances. After the meal in the field of medieval tournament brother Ditrich will invite you to test your bravery, agility and success.
Program duration: 2- 2,5 hours
Price for group: Ls 80,-

7. „Reception hosted by master of the Livonian Order, Volter fon Pletenberg”
It is the year 1526 – the golden age of the Livonian Order's Castle at Cesis. We invite you to take a trip back in time and take part in a reception hosted by the most famous Master of the Livonian Order, Volter fon Pletenberg. You will be welcomed at the Castle gates by the Master most trusted servant – his Secretary. He will accompany you to the Castle garden where his task will be to discover which one of you will become the vassal by testing your bravery, agility and success.

When the candidate to be the new vassal has been chosen, the Secretary will guide you to the Castle. Having climbed up the winding stairs of the Castle tower, you will arrive at one of the Castle's most beautiful rooms - the Master's residential and working abode.

Here you will be greeted by the Master of Livonian Order. The ceremony will be held marking the inauguration of the new vassal, in which the new vassal will receive a liege's book and ring as certification of the relationship between the vassal and his Master. The Master will ask the new vassal to invite everybody to a medieval feast prepared by the Castle's servants, which will be hosted to the accompaniment of music in the Castle's lancet hall.
Program duration: 2,5-3 hours
Price for group: Ls 120,-

8. „Beer-tasting evening”
The tradition of brewing beer in Cesis began towards the end of the 16th century in the rooms of Cesis’ castle. Nowadays the beer brewing tradition is successfully carried out by stock company ‘Cesis beer’ - the name that is well known all over the world. Now you have a chance to participate in beer-tasting evening, full of exciting games and activities. The Master of the Manor will welcome you with sumptuous meal and introduce you to different brands of beer. Cheerful atmosphere of the evening will be created by real musicians of inn. During the evening the major beer drinker and connoisseur will be announced.
Program duration: 2,5 hours
Price for group: Ls 100,-

9. „Medieval wedding”
The newlyweds will be tested in accordance with the conditions that are true to medieval life. The bride to be will have the chance to bear witness to her future husband's strength and agility, by observing his skill at javelin throwing and walking on stilts. In turn, the groom to be will witness how adept his future wife proves whilst engaged in the most important housework – domicile management, preparation of meals and embroidery.
After successful completion of the test, the Brother of the Order will offer his advice to the newlywed couple as they begin their married life together and also show them around Cesis’ Castle. In the Castle the Castle Chaplain will host the wedding ceremony in the medieval manner and give his blessing to the newlyweds as they commence their life together.
Program duration: 1 hour
Price for group: Ls 75,-

10. „Treasure hunt in Cesis castle”
Extraordinary idea for children’s party! The meal in the Castle garden, exciting games, treasure hunt in mysterious Castle and more...
Program duration: 2,5 hours
Price for group: Ls 80,-

The program price does not include entrance fee in Cesis Medieval Castle, and food service costs.

Individual price offer for groups up to 15 people and over 50 people.

Contacts for further information and programme booking:
Ieva Kalniňa-Matute
Ph.: +371 26339342




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