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May 19: Museum Night in Saulkrasti We Must Remain by the Sea!
Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum's 15th anniversary celebration, the festive Bicycle Ride of Saulkrasti Katrīnas and Captains Let’s Roll into Summer in Saulkrasti, opening of the Sun Square (Saules Laukums), celebration of 160 years since the first sailing vessel was built on the beach at Saulkrasti, and dancing, singing and other fun activities in the way captains would enjoy it!

Blue – the colour of the sea and hope makes us think about how to maintain a clean sea and coastline both today and in the future, and also how to protect the traditions of coastal residents and promote a healthy, sea- and nature-friendly lifestyle. In Saulkrasti, much is being done to preserve the coastal uniqueness and make our everyday life and leisure time healthier.

The celebration will start at 17:00. All visitors are then invited to gather at the Bicycle Museum to register for the festive Bike Ride and decorate their bikes, but most importantly – to congratulate the Bicycle Museum and take a look at the Museum’s latest exhibits.

The festive Bicycle Ride, starting at 18:30 at the Bicycle Museum and going to the Sun Square at the very centre of the city, is expected to be something quite beautiful. At 19:00, the Sun Square will be officially opened, and the captain will help everyone to try their hand at rolling barrels, identifying sailing ships and tying knots. People will also have a chance to get acquainted with the photo presentation on retro bikes.  Along with Saulkrasti amateur art collectives and Zdislavs Romanovskis we will sing and dance to the most  beautiful songs of the sea. As the culmination of the festival approaches, the most beautiful Katrīnas and bravest Captains of Saulkrasti will be awarded! The awards will go to both adults and children.

After the awards, the fun will continue on the Sun Square, as everyone will have a chance to either enjoy the movie The Fisherman's Son (Zvejnieka dēls) (1939) on the big screen, or keep dancing at the ball.

Festival organisers invite everyone to put on striped seaman’s or retro-style clothing and accessories, bring the entire family, greetings for the Bicycle Museum and something for the festive ride (horns, bells...), and, of course, do not forget to have a good time.

Event Programme:

17:00 to 17:30 Gathering at the Bicycle Museum (in the parking lot of cafe Neibāde, Rīgas iela 44a), registration for the festive bicycle ride, bike decoration.

17:30 to 18:30 Festive speech and celebration of Saulkrasti Bicycle Museum’s 15th anniversary, presentation of the latest exhibit and exhibition visit.

18:30 to 19:00 Saulkrasti Katrīnas and Captains festive bicycle ride Let’s Roll into Summer in Saulkrasti going from the Bicycle Museum to the Sun Square (Saules Laukums) (Ainažu iela 13b).

19:00 The festive opening of Saulkrasti Sun Square and Celebration Ball in the way captains would enjoy it – tying knots, identifying different sailing ships, photo presentation on retro bicycles, barrel rolling, singing and dancing with Saulkrasti amateur art collectives and the legendary Zdislavs Romanovskis.

21:00 Awarding of the most beautiful Katrīnas and bravest Captains of Saulkrasti. The awards will go to both

After the Awards Dancing with musicians who also happen to be real captains and a showing of the movie The Fisherman’s Son (Zvejnieka dēls) on the big screen.




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