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Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

Ķoņi mill

Celmi, holiday home

Silmači, recreation centre

The biggest recreation centre in Vidzeme!

Recreation complex „ BRIEDĪŠI” during spring-summer-autumn season offers boat trips
Enjoy day trip along the most beautiful place of Gauja: Cēsis Bridge – Līgatne ferry

Duration of a trip: 7-9 hours.

Cost of the trip, staying at "Briedīši": 5.00 LVL per person.
(Price includes transport for group taking away and taking back from the trip, boats, and life jackets)

A great way to spend Your holidays!

Contact information:
+371 26466916 LV RUS
+371 26082994 LV EN




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