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New and modern sports and recreation complex

On 10th and 11th of April Vidzeme Tourism Association participated in the opening conference of Interreg IV A programm 2007-2013 in Jelgava city, Latvia

PROJECT NEWS: Join "Central Baltic Cyling' Workshop in "Meža Salas" on May 23rd!




Project title (short)
Central Baltic Cycling
Project duration
01/2012 – 06/2013, 18 months
Project budget
Total: EUR 1’497’889
ERDF: EUR 1’161’001
National co-financing: EUR 336’888
To promote competitiveness of the Central Baltic region in the European tourism market by expanding offer of tourism products in the project areas.
Project tasks
1.     To identify a joint cycling route network connecting Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme regions in Latvia, West Estonia region, partly Archipelago region in Finland and Stockholm region in Sweden;
2.     To promote long-term cooperation and planning between public and private sectors regarding development of tourism and cycling tourism;
3.     To improve small-scale infrastructure of cycling tourism;
4.     To promote Kurzeme, Zemgale, Vidzeme regions in Latvia, West Estonia region, partly Archipelago region in Finland and Stockholm region in Sweden as a joint cycling tourism destination.
Project partners
§ Zemgale Planning Region (Lead Partner)
§ Kurzeme Tourism Association
§ Vidzeme Tourism Association
§ Jelgava Regional Tourism Centre
City of Pargas
NGO West-Estonia Tourism
Municipality of Nacka
Target audience of the project: local inhabitants, domestic and foreign tourists
The activities included in the Project relate to the problem solution of the following target groups:
§ Local tourism experts – capacity building, new experience in the development of cycling tourism products and the promotion thereof (thematic workshops, quality criteria, experience exchange trips and exchange of experience between the regions, creation of route descriptions, conference);
§ Businesses – knowledge in the development of services and products for cycling tourists (training courses, experience exchange trips within the region, conference);
§ Tourism experts from the countries – know-how on the development of cycling tourism product and needs for cycling tourists (tourism fairs, workshops, conference);
§ Politicians of the region – information on the tourism offer and newly created route network in the region (experience exchange within the regions, conference);
§ Journalists – additional information, presentation materials on the new cycling route network and tourism offer of the respective regions, possibility to test a new product (marketing materials);
§ Frequent cyclists, travellers – well-planned, interesting cycling route network/ cycling routes and provided necessary information about it (route, informative brochure, map);

§ Local inhabitants – facilitated environment for cyclists, new tourism products created with the potential to promote local business activities (route infrastructure, route).

The publication/website reflects the author's views and the Managing Authority can not be held liable for the information published by the project partners.


Prepared by: Ms. Anna Kupce
Project PR and communication specialist , GSM: 0037129756327




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