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Top activities to do in Sigulda in 2012

Sigulda – the most beautiful and romantic city in Latvia is located only 50 km from Riga. Rich in historical sites and nature, it is also the capital of adventures in the Baltic States. Convenient bus and train connection ensures easy reach of Sigulda. Take your time to get acquainted with Sigulda.

Bobsledding in the only bobsleigh and luge track in the Baltic States. Experience the real bob race by going down the track with real summer bob.

Visit of Bobsled and Luge track:
M. – Su. 10:00 – 19:00
Entrance fee: adult – 0.40 LVL/ 0.60 €, pupil – 0.20 LVL/ 0.30 €

Sa. – Su. 12:00 – 17:00.
Summer bobsleigh – 7 LVL/ 10 €

Cable car and Bungee jumping. Cable car connects both banks of The Gauja River, so do not miss the opportunity to see the all Gauja National park beauty and three medieval castles from above. Sigulda offers a unique opportunity to bungee jump from a cable car. A bit of stress, jump, free fall for a couple of seconds, and then you are swinging over the beautiful landscape till you get down.

Opening hours:
Daily from 10:00 – 18:30

Cable car
M.-F. 2 LVL/3 €
Sa, Su. 2.50 LVL/ 3.60 €

Bungee jumping
Th. 20 LVL/30 €
F. - Su. 25 LVL/36 €

Adventure park Tarzâns. Sigulda Adventure Park offers various activities for individual adventure seekers as well as for families. Toboggan track and chairlift. Tarzan rope track with 80 different barriers. Đtromberg’s bicycle – a unique amusement by riding a bicycle on the rope several meters above the ground. Catapult – a device that throws you in the air by bungees, leaves you hanging weightless in the air followed by free fall.

Opening hours:

Tarzans Park ticket – adult 24.00 LVL/34.30 €; pupil – 15 LVL/ 21.50 €
Toboggan track – adult 2 LVL/3 €; pupils – 1 LVL/1.40 €
Chair lift – adult 1 LVL/1.40 €; pupil – 0.50 LVL/0.70 €
Tarzan Park – adult 12 LVL/17.20 €; pupil 6.50 LVL/9.30 €
Catapult – 4 LVL/6 €
Đtrombergs bicycle – 2 LVL/3 €
ZipSlider - adult 10 LVL/14.00 €; pupil 5.00 LVL/8.00 €

Canoeing down the Gauja River. The Gauja is the most popular river for boat rides during summer season up to late fall. Its attractions are picturesque, sinuous riverside and sandstone outcrops.
Opening hours:
M. – Su. 10:00 – 17:00

Senleja – Sigulda (2h) – 20 LVL/30 €
Lîgatne – Sigulda (5h) – 35 LVL/50 €

Cinema Lora. Do not miss to visit cinema Lora in the shopping centre “Đokolâde”. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and service they offer – large super convenient leather chairs, limited number of spectators and possibility to order drinks and food during the movie.

Opening hours:
Weekends 11:00 – 22:00

Ticket price: 3.50 LVL/5 €




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