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Restaurant "Dikļu pils"

Hotel Ērgļi

In the middle of Ērgļi! Popular among skiers!

Rehabilitation Center Līgatne, hotel

For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!

Baltakmeņi, guest house

[29.01.2008] On St. Valentine's day the Gulbene-Alūksne narrow gauge train will become a lover's train
On 14th of February Gulbene-Alūksne narrow gauge train welcomes all lovers on board!

The departure from Gulbene train station - 18:00 (back at 21:15)

On the way there will be various amusements, including a possibility to send love letters to your beloved directly from the train, bewitch your lover and other attractions.

This event is taking place every year and other topical events are taking place on Christmas, Easter and other festivities.

Source:, LETA



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