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Gökova Cycling Tour 2012
Every year the Turkish National EuroVelo Coordinator, EnverCevko, join forces with the Mugla Cycling Association to organise an international cycling tour along the beautiful Gulf of Gokova

This year the tour is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Netherlands – Turkey Friendship Foundation (NTFF), so if anyone from the Netherlands fancies joining the tour they will be particularly well received!

In 2011, there were 144 cyclists including ECF Vice President and EuroVelo Council Member, Frans van Schoot. Some of you may recall that Frans wrote an article on his experiences in Turkey for the EuroVelo Newsletter: “It was for me, a great experience to climb from sea level up to 500- 600 meters in these surroundings, full with friendly people.”

For more information on the tour view the official website.




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