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[29.01.2008] Entrepreneurs are welcome to participate in the project "Sigulda stick"
To promote the tourism development in Sigulda and its surroundings, Sigulda Area Tourism Society together with Andris Klepers is developing a common tourism project "Sigulda stick" which will popularize recreation and entertainment possibilities in Sigulda and its environs.

Sigulda Area Tourism Society welcomes all entrepreneurs from either Sigulda or its surroundings, who are members of Sigulda Area Toursism Society to participate in this project.

The new project of Sigulda Area will be a regional map, which will also work as a "city card" - offering city guests the most popular tourism objects, attractions, accommodations, restaurants and other recreation possibilities.

At the moment 25 participants are involved in creation of the map - the memebrs of Sigulda Area Tourism Society, museum, hotels etc. Alltogether about 50 tourist attractions will have a discount.

This is not a one season campaign - in the future it is planned to develop and improve the idea.

The map "Sigulda stick" will be valid for 24 hours and it will be a ticket to various attractions, museum exhibitions and other tourist attraction places, giving discounts to numerous tourist attractions in Sigulda.

The key of project "Sigulda stick" is cooperation - by carrying out the project all sides will benefit - Sigulda region will become one of the best organized in Latvia and attract more tourists who will get a well-organized tourism product and save their money. Also entrepreneurs will have their benefits - addittional advertisment with lower costs as well as developed cooperation to attain common goals.

The development of the Regional Map is time consuming and requires a lot of managerial skills. It is planned to introduce common payment and registration system. At the same time the design of the map is beeing developed. In the future the card readers will be introduced and a new section is Sigulda city homepage will be created.

The product is still in the development stage, but it is planned that by the beginning of the new tourism season it will begin to function. The first place where the new idea will be advertised will be exhibition Balttour 2008.

Source:, LETA



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