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Special offer for Family holidays at Birini Castle
A family afternoon at Birini Castle including entertainment in the park, bath, and pool attractions, delicious dinner and overnight stay in the family room at 99.99 LVL

At the beginning it would be the appropriate time to take a walk with children around the Castle park along the Watermill, where there is a large swing on the hill, along the Love oak full of bells, and, finally, along the stable, where horses, pony and two rabbits live. 

Now it’s time to warm up in the bath and enjoy water fun. For children’s safety, we provide inflatable arm bands. For the grown-ups’ dinner, we will serve Grilled chicken fillet on potato pancake; for children – chicken meat stripes “Dandijs” with sunflower seed-breaded potatoe croquettes, and for a dessert – a ginger, chocolate, or Mascarpone ice-cream ball (at option) made at Birini Castle, and, of course, fresh carrot juices for the whole family. 

Breakfast is also included in the price.

Have a nice rest!

More information about Birini Castle available here!




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