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Sigulda Sport2000 half marathon
On October 15, Sigulda, Latvia

The competition is hosted in cooperation with the Association A2 Sigulda City Council . E-mail: brivnieki@inbox.lvPhone: 29184203 - Kevin Karklins competition program and rules for race start will be given Sigulda Celebration Square.


Process Time / at.
Arrival of participants, the registration number of the receipt, inspection and warm-up lap 9.00
Children's race starts 10:30
Satelītskrējiens (5.27 miles) start 
Nordic Walking
Half-marathon (21.097 km) start 12:00
Reward Tentative

Half-marathon route has been certified and runs through the city - 21.097 miles (4 laps on the 5.274 mile), asphalt and gravel surface. During the race the traffic movements will be prohibited or restricted (controlled). Runners during the race track is forbidden to accompany the bikes, rollerblades, etc.. The time limit for the Half Marathon is 2.5 hours. The course will be closed (opened to traffic) at. 14:00. The reception will be closed for 30 minutes. before the start. 

Valuation Half Marathon:

Women Men
S20 1982nd - 1995.year of birth V20 1982nd - 1995.year of birth
S30 1972nd - 1981.year of birth V30 1972nd - 1981.year of birth
S40 1962nd - 1971.year of birth V40 1962nd - 1971. year of birth
S50 1961.year and older V50 1952nd - 1961.year of birth
    V60 1951.year and older


Women Men
S1 1998th year of birth and later V1 1998th year of birth and age
S2 1994th - 1997. year of birth V2 1994th - 1997. year of birth
S3 1972nd - 1993. year of birth V3 1972nd - 1993. year of birth
S4 1962nd - 1971.year of birth V4 1962nd - 1971. year of birth
S5 1961st year of birth V5 1961.year of birth


Children's Run

SB1 and VB1 - 2005.g.dzim. and under 
SB2 and VB2 - 2003. - 2004.g.year of birth 
SB3 and VB3 - 2001. - 2002.g.year of birth

Each group starts with some common start. Awards finishing All participants receive commemorative medals. 21.097 km Half Marathon Season standing for both women and men in the first - 6. place winners with cash prizes. The total prize money - $ 1000 as well as each age group 1st-3rd place winners are awarded prizes by the sponsors sarūpētām. Satelītskrējiens each age groups 1. - 3rd Place winners are awarded prizes by the sponsors .. Children's Run Baby run will not be used for chips.Finishing all the children are rewarded with a commemorative medal and prize at Sponsor sarupētu. 

Entry fee

  Half Marathon People's Race Children's Run Nordic Walking
until 25/06/2011. 8, - EUR 4, - EUR 1, - EUR 2, - EUR
6.26 .. 2011th - 30.09.2011. 10, - EUR 5, - EUR 1, - EUR 3, - EUR
After 30.09.2011 and race day 15, - EUR 7, - EUR 2, - EUR 4, - EUR

Request time to apply for the competition to prepare high-quality weather measuring system. Participation fee includes: participant number, Chip rental, maintenance personnel, providing distance, race insurance, music, comment, prize, water arrangements, as well as snacks at the finish. Participants in the competition fails, the money paid is not refundable. IF ENTRY FEE TO RACE DAY is not repaid, RACE DAY TO PAY FULL FEE Depending on the Run - 15, 7, 2, 6, - EUR! MEMBERSHIP FEES amount shall be the date on which they are paid, not according to the filing. 

Applying for competitions

  • website by filling out the application form
  • Sigulda: The shop Sport 2000 - Sigulda (Chocolate Shop)
  • Race day - race at the reception. 9:00

The type of payment, when applying : 

! Organizations and teams can receive the invoice and pay by bank transfer.Invoice must be paid within 3 days before race start. Contact by or tel. 29,184,203th 

! Chip damage or loss of pay 20, - EUR.


Each participant, with the number of reception, with his signature that takes full responsibility for their health for the course distance. Participants under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible person who signs the form. The organizers are not responsible for possible injuries during the race. Changes to Contest Rules The organizers have the right to make changes and additions to the regulations. The organizers are not responsible for the ignorance of the statute.Protests Claims are accepted for paying 20, - EUR. In case of substantiated claims the money is returned. 





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