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ECF EuroVelo13 North Section Newsletter 2011/3
Current activities of the North section of the EuroVelo13 – Iron Curtain Trail

Progress with ICT in Latvia

As Raitis Sijāts of the Vidzeme Tourism Association reported at the meeting  in Rostock, there has been some notable progress with the Iron Curtain Trail  (ICT) in Latvia recently. The section of the trail through Latvia is 541 km long, of which 408 km is currently asphalt, 108 km is cycle path (mostly in towns) and 25 km is either gravel or sand tracks. Work is currently being undertaken in Ventspils, a city in northwestern Latvia, to develop cycle infrastructure which will benefit both cycle tourists as well as local residents. At the start of the year there were 8 km of cycle paths in Ventspils but by December it is hoped that there will be 22 km in place, with a further 43km being built by 2018. The project, which is being co-financed by the EU, will connect the ICT with the international ferry terminal and with popular tourist attractions, including the Old Town, the south pier and the adventure parks on the seaside. In addition, over 800 tourist information signs are being installed around the city.

You can read the complete Newsletter HERE!


Cycling routes:

Mains cycling route:

Skatīt Kopējā karte lielākā kartē



Skatīt Liepāja 31,8 km lielākā kartē


Lit/Lat border- Liepāja:

Skatīt Lit/Lat border- Liepāja -50.84 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Liepaja - Ventspils 93km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Ventspils 17,8 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Kolka - Ventspils 72,8 km lielākā kartē


Jūrmala – Kolka:

Skatīt Jūrmala – Kolka 112,5km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Jūrmala 28.4 lielākā kartē



Skatīt Riga 35,7 Km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Carnikava 28,3km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Saulkrasti 24,6 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Ainaži - Skulte (84,6 km), Alternativais marsruts 84,03 km lielākā kartē





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