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For almost half a century, Europe was divided into East and West by the "Iron Curtain", a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. The Iron Curtain Trail invites people to retrace and experience the former division of the continent on a 6,800 km cycle track along the length of the former border, combining European culture, history and sustainable tourism.
The Iron Curtain Trail thereby contributes in a lively and very practical way to the creation of a genuine European identity. In 2005, following the initiative of Green member Michael Cramer, the European Parliament recognised the "Iron Curtain Trail" as a model project for sustainable tourism and called upon the Member States for support.


 Project routes along coast

Skatīt Kopējā karte lielākā kartē



Skatīt Liepāja 31,8 km lielākā kartē


Lit/Lat border- Liepāja:

Skatīt Lit/Lat border- Liepāja -50.84 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Liepaja - Ventspils 93km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Ventspils 17,8 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Kolka - Ventspils 72,8 km lielākā kartē


Jūrmala – Kolka:

Skatīt Jūrmala – Kolka 112,5km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Jūrmala 28.4 lielākā kartē



Skatīt Riga 35,7 Km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Carnikava 28,3km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Saulkrasti 24,6 km lielākā kartē



Skatīt Ainaži - Skulte (84,6 km), Alternativais marsruts 84,03 km lielākā kartē


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