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Oāze, guest house

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Restaurant "Jumurdas muiža"

Annual Railway Festival 2011 - "Strength in Iron!"


All day at Aluksne station (from 10:00), Stameriene station (from 11:00) & Gulbene station (from 12:00):

exhibition of historic vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles;
various entertainments - shows, performances, open-air dances;
sport, craftsmanship and cultural activities;
ride "The Traces of Banitis" by participants of the motoclub "Spieki Veja";
paraplane flights above the Banitis (weather permitting).
Banitis Festival's open-air dancing parties in Gulbene, Stameriena & Aluksne
(from 21:00).

Fireshow at Stameriene station (22:00) & Gulbene station (24:00).

All day Festival trains will run on the line, in midnight will be Banitis night trip together with rock band "Dzelzs Vilks" (departure from Gulbene station).

For more details
Call +371 64473037, +371 20228884 or e-mail

Company "Gulbene - Aluksne Banitis", Gulbene and Aluksne municipalities, Stameriena parish administration.

Railway companies "Latvijas dzelzcels", "LDz Ritosa sastava serviss", "LDz Cargo", "Pasazieru vilciens", The Gulbene Motoclub, The Motoclub "Spieki Veja".




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