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Rīga 810th Anniversary
This year Rīga is celebrating its 810th Anniversary from the 19th to the 21st August

Rīga is in for some surprises not just from its residents, as it will also be congratulated by representatives from Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, the Netherlands, USA and other countries who will be visiting the city during the Rīga Festival.

On the 20th August, the restored Rīgas Birža [Rīga Stock Exchange] building in Dome Square will be officially opened - the new home of the Foreign Art Museum. The "Rīgas Biržas stāsti" [Stories from the Rīga Stock Exchange] event will commence with a concert by opera artists from China from the "Suzhou Kunqu Opera Troupe", "The Sekar Irama" gamelan music group from Indonesia, the "Konya Turkish Tasawwuf Music Ensemble" from Turkey, Tallinn's Nomme Music School's Symphony Orchestra, the Rīga Music School's Combined Symphony Orchestra, and the "Jazz Combo" jazz musicians' partnership from the Netherlands and Lithuania.

The "Imanta" Culture and Recreation Centre and the Bremen "Weserterrassen" Community Hall's cultural joint project for children "Krustceles" [Crossroads] will take place at the "Imanta - vieta ar vārdu" [Imanta - A Place With a Name] event. The "Tu un es" [You and Me] children's pop group and the "Kleine strolche" [Little Rascals] hip hop group will meet up and perform at the venue combining song, dance, acrobatics, pantomime, and street theatre elements

As previously publicised, the "Bi - 2" rock group and Diāna Arbeņina with her group "Nočnije Snaiperi" will perform at a concert on the 19th August at "Arēna Rīga", as part of the Rīga Festival.
This year through collaboration with the Prague's Culture Department's festival programme, "Prague's Dixieland" will also be appearing at a number of places around Rīgā.

During the Rīga Festival, different kind of artists will be appearing in the skies above the Daugava waterway between the Salu and Dienvidu bridges. Professional pilots from Lithuania, Great Britain, Spain, France, Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, and the USA will take part in a competition with breathtaking performances split into a number of sections. The FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale - International Air Sports Federation) Elite Aerobatic Formula is a special air acrobatics or aerobatics competition, in which only the best professional pilots take part.
Unique works by Latvian restorers and rare examples of vehicle manufacturing can be seen at the "Rīga Retro 2011" International Antique Motor Vehicle Rally, where the emphasis this year will be on antique cars, military and specially engineered automobiles. About a hundred antique motor vehicles from Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and other countries will participate in the event.

The Rīga City Council extends its gratitude to the Rīga Festival's organizational cooperation partners - the Freeport of Rīga Authority, the Rīga Tourism Development Bureau, JSC "Rietumu Banka" and the "BT1" International Exhibition Company.

Further information on Rīga Festival events can be found on the

Information prepared by: Elīna Dambekalne, Rīga City Council's ECSD Culture Board's Project Coordinator, tel. 67105398, 29392620, e-mail:




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