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THURSDAY, JUNE 30 - Opening. Open-air cinema

18:00 - Opening of the silver art exhibition „Awareness” made by artist Oļegs Auzers. The name of the artist ir well- known not only among the designers but also among the people with excellent taste and from jewellery field. 21:00 - Performance by musicians „The Burnig Hell” from Canada in the open – air stage in Valmiera Old town. The scope of the instruments includes such instruments as banjo, ukulele, accordion, saxophone, violin, Metallophone, omnihords and others that make each performance of the group unique. In the music played by "The Burning Hell". You can feel the reference to indie rock, folk rock and classical rock.
21:00 - Open air cinema in the garden of Valmiera Youth centre „Vinda” (42 Rīgas Street) – animations for children made by pupils.
23:00 Open air cinema next to the Valmiera Culture centre. A possibility to watch the movie made by famous Latvian film director Jānis Streičs – “Likteņdzirnas”.
23:00 - Open air cinema in the Old town (castle ruins). A possibility to watch the movie made by famous Latvian film director Jānis Streičs “Mans draugs – nenopietns cilvēks.”
23:00 - Open air cinema next to the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (4 Cēsu Street). A possibility to watch the movie made by Agnese Laizāne “Show me the sound”, the movie made by Laima Dance “Younger than death” and short films made by youth centre “Vinda” during the international youth exchange project in Norway “This is my story”
City centre – performances by street musicians

FRIDAY, JULY 1 - Celebration activities

17:00 - Opening of exhibitions „Fantastika vai dzīve” un „Auto. Moto. Velo. – Spēkratu garāža” in the city museum and next to the castle ruins. You will be able to admire various achievements of science and technology used in everyday life also different public vehicles. „Moto mēle” is an amusing activity during which the owners will present their vehicles and themselves.
17:00-18:00 - Valmiera City centre and Youth Park. You will enjoy concerts by quest teams from fellowship towns in Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Denmark.
18:00 - There will be a streetball tournament „Ghetto Basket Valmiera” in Valmiera city skatepark (43 Rīgas street).
19:00-20:30 - Floating Parade. The show of unusual floating objects made by local enterprises, organizations, families and friends along the Gauja towards the town bridge.
21:00-22:30 - Classical Concert next to the Hansa Wall. String quartette „Sensus” will show their interpretation of classical music themes- music without borders. The concert programme includes music by A. Vivaldi, J. S. Bahs, J. Haidns, V. A. Mocarts, L. Bokerīni, V. A. Mocarts, P. Čaikovskis un D. Šostakovičs.
22:00-23:00 - Romantic night in the promenade next to the lake enjoying live music by different musicians. Performers: Gunārs Geduševs and his daughters Agnese and Anete (saxophone, clarinet), Guntars Aizupietis (saxophone), Aldis Lībietis (accordion), group of music lovers „Gaujmalietes” and musicians from Solna (Sweden).
23:30-00:30 - „Musical Fountains” next to Hansa Wall.
24:00-03:00 - Evening music in Rate square.

SATURDAY, JULY 2 - Celebration continues

At the Town Hall Square, Old Town
9:00-17:00 - Craftsmen Fair. Possibility to buy various crafts and homemade food from farmers.
10:00-14:00 - Concert by amateur groups of Valmiera city and its fellowship towns in the frames of Project „’Legends of European Cities”.
Concert participants- brass band „Signāls”, folk dance group „Agrā rūsa”, Anita Ozola and music group „ Gaujmalietes ‘’, big band „Valmieras puikas’’, folk dance group from Halle (Germany), folk musicians from Oplande (Norway), dance group from Zdunskas- Wolas (Poland), summer musicians -Villagodt from Solna ( Sweden ), folk dance group from Paņeveža high school (Lithuania )
10:00-14:00 - Foundation „Labo darbu taka”. Many interesting tasks will present you good deeds of this foundation, also you will be able to become the 50th friend of Valmiera region
16:00-17:00 - „Retro romance” - The parade of retro cars in Rate Square prepared by Riga Motor Museum and Antique Car Club of Latvia. (vehicles of 20.-30-ties).

At the Hansa Wall (Address: Between Rīgas iela 4 and Lāčplēša iela 1)
10:00-18:00 - “Annels” merry-go-rounds and air-cushions for children.

Valmiera Culture Centre (Address: Rīgas iela 10)
10:00-14:00 - Activities for children „We enjoy Valmiera!” A possibility to watch and participate in concert programmes by children pop groups „ Smaidulīši’’ and „ Smaidiņi”, group „Pekšņi”, music and drama group „Ķiparipipari”,drama school „Spēlīte”, hip-hop and breakdance dancers, pop group „Odziņas”, Gintas Modes theatre and Alīna Ņikitina (participant of the competition „Mazo dziesmas Latvijai”) There will be a possibility to participate in workshops- „Pūķu darbnīca”, „Skaistuma salons”, „Floristika” and other ones.
10:00-18:00 - „Jump and pedal” activities for children

Youth park (Vecpuišu parks. Address: between Rīgas iela 15 and 19)
11:00-15:00 - Different kind or activities for children and youth - Bike Fashion Show, creative workshops, photo orientation along Valmiera, sport activities, video greetings, concert and many other interesting possibilities.

Valmiera Open Air Stage (Address; at the end of Dīvaliņa iela)
18:00-04:00 - Concert and dance party. Awards for honorary members.
Concert and dancing party. Award ceremony- „Goda valmierietis” and „Gada valmierietis”. The concert programme includes: golden jazz melodies performed by Harijs Bašs (piano), Deniss Paškevics (saxophone, flute), Māris Briežkalns (percussion ), Jānis Stafeckis (double-bass) pop group „Framest” - Beāte Zviedre (soprano), Elīna Šmukste (alto), Mikus Abaroniņš (tenor), Jānis Ķirsis (baritone), Edgars Janovs (bass). There will be top leaders of Mikrofons - Ivo Fomins and his group, Nikolajs Puzikovs, Lauris Reiniks, AISHA, Liene Candy, Kaža and his pop group and pop group Musiqq. The music in dancing party will be played by group „Keksi” and DJ. The concert starts at 17.00, free admission. After 18.00 admission fee- Ls 1,-.

At Daliņu Beach (Address: at the end of Jāņa Daliņa iela)
9:00 - Beach volleyball championship.

At Vidzemes Olimpic Centre Football Ftadium (Address: Rīgas iela 91)
9:00 - Valmiera city festival foottball championship.

At the Square next to St. Simon church (Address: Bruņinieku iela 2 )
10:00-14:00 - "Spēks, veselība un daile 2011" - sports activities for healthy lifestyle. Body bike marathon, aerobics, athlete show and other activities.

Source: Valmiera city

Information updated: 30.06.2011



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