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[25.01.2008] Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre celebrates its 4th anniversary!
This year in January Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre, which was founded by merging previously independant, but closely interrelated institutions - Cēsis History and Art museum, Exhibition house and Tourism Information Centre, celebrates its 4th anniversary

The main aim why the Vidzeme Tourism and History Centre (VTHC) was created was to fully use the potential of the 3 institutions, in order to develop tourism and tourism infrastructure in Cēsis city.

The last 4 years acknowledges that the idea was right. Since the VTHC was founded in year 2004, by allocating money from EU funds, there have been realized various big projects, which would not be possible if the institutions would have worked separately.  

"Only by merging the institutions, setting high goals and working in one direction, it is possible to realize big projects and reach notable development" says Nata Livonska, the head of Cēsis Exhibition house. "If we look at the recent history, I must admit, that it was not an easy task - to include in one structure organisations, which each had their own identity, goals and viewpoints. But thanks to the creators of VTHC and its first director Mārtiņš Malcenieks, who did it, by investigating the specifics and needs of every instituition."

With the support of the European Union, Cēsis Exhibition House finally was reconstructed in year 2006 and it allowed the building to offer its guests concerts and art exhibitions. After reconstruction the Exhibition House is also available to disabled people and people with coordination problems. Also in Cēsis History and Art Museum (or the New Castle) massive reconstruction is underway, and after the reconstruction will be finished the Museum will be one of the most modern in Latvia. The new building for storing the resources of the museum is also planned.  

Each year huge investments are also allocated to the Cēsis Medieval Castle. In year 2005, in the framework of an international project, the castle ruins have been lit up, and at the moment they are also visible from the park's side at night. In year 2006 with the support of European Union a wooden bridge, connecting castle ruins with the Castle garden, was built, so now visitors can enter the castle through its historical entrance. Each year the preservation works are taking place as well as the reconstruction of the stone wall that surround the castle complex.

The statistics shows that the aim of attracting more tourists, that was set 4 years ago has been successful. Last year the castle complex was visited by more than 58 000 guests, and every year the number is growing.

To develop the tourism infrastructure, with the help of European Union, VTHC in year 2005 set up signs with street names and directions. The Tourism Information centre each years is offering new souvenirs, informative materials and participates in international exhibitions. The growing role of the Tourism Information Centre can also be expressed in numbers: last year TIC served 11 560 guests, which is considerably more than in year 2004 (6000 guests).

Since the founding of VTHC there has been very successful cooperation between Cēsis Museum, Exhibition House and Tourism Information Centre in organizing cultural events - the most interesting of those are the Mueum's Night, that has been held for the last three years, the Cēsis 800th anniversary in year 2006 and the Zīver's celebration last year.

VTHC every year is developing the offers for local and foreign tourists. The offers include theatrelized excursions in Cēsis Castle complex, old city and Cēsis district. A solid cooperation have developed between VTHC and various Latvian tourism firms, who reguralry organize excursions to Cēsis. From the excursions the most popular is about Valter fon Pletenberg and about the medieval castle. 11 000 local and foreign tourists participated in he excursions offered by VTHC last year.

"By evaluating the work, that has been done in the last four years, we can see that there is still a lot of work ahead, but we have plently of ideas and aims for the coming years. This years goals include finishing the reconstruction of the New Castle and opening the visitors centre, develop and create various cultural events, as well as create new and interesting souvenirs of Cēsis city" says Jolanta Sausiņa, head of the VHTC

About Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre:

Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre is an agency, created by Cēsis City Council and Cēsis District Council, with an aim to protect the historical values and use them to educate the society, therefore promoting the development of tourism in Cēsis city and Cēsis district. The cooperating institutions are Cēsis History and Art Museum, Cēsis Exhibition house and Tourism Information Centre. The agency is managing the Medieval Castle, Castle park, Maija park and kids playground.   

Baiba Vītiņa

Vidzeme History and Tourism Centre 
Specialist of Marketing and Public Relations
Ph..:+371 4127755, + 37126666365



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