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Ezergribieši, country-house

For those, who want to escape from the busy life in the big cities, and enjoy the relaxing countryside nature

Rakši, guest house


Ķoņi mill, guest house

A romantic place for weekends!

The Great Baltic Tour 2011
"The Great Baltic Tour 2011" is an adventure campaign that takes place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It is an exciting way to spend free time and is full of new impressions and adventures that can be experienced across thirty different tourist attractions

While travelling with family or friends through the Baltic States, you'll come across unique and important tourist attractions in each country: historical buildings, amazing examples of architecture, museums and beautiful nature scenes.

We've found thirty interesting tourist attractions for you across the Baltic States in ten locations in each country.

By participating in this campaign not only will you gain wonderful new impressions, but you will also have the chance to win great prizes.

"The Great Baltic Tour 2011" will take place between 5 May to 15 September.


How can you participate?

Register as a participant online at

Each participant must create an account.

Get a brochure for "The Great Baltic Tour 2011" from any tourist information centre in Latvia. Read about the tourist attractions included in the campaign and plan your route.

To win any of the prizes, find the specific location within any attraction as depicted in the brochure photo and take a picture of yourself at this location. Upload your pictures to

Show your "The Great Baltic Tour 2011" brochure at the tourist attractions to gain discounted admission prices. Price information can be found in the brochure and on the web site.

If you're unable to upload pictures to, you can post them by 15 September to: Tūrisma attīstības valsts aģentūra, Brīvības iela 55, Riga, LV - 1519, including a note with "The Great Baltic Tour 2011" written on it.


Why participate?

"The Great Baltic Tour 2011" is an exciting way for people to spend time together, with a great chance of winning prizes.

The grand prize is a round-trip airBaltic flight to one of airBaltic's eighty destinations.

The prizes for participants who are resident in Latvia are the choice of a round-trip airBaltic flight for two to either Tallinn or Vilnius.

A family trip to Stockholm with Tallink.
And many other prizes in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.





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