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Lāču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!


Ungurmuiža, guest house

Narrow gauge train from Alūksne to Gulbene

Latvian Heritage coin with Sigulda New Castle
The monument depicted on the coin is the New Castle of Sigulda, located in the historical centre of Sigulda city next to medieval ruins

This New Castle was built from 1878 to 1881 (building master J. Mengelis) for Prince Kropotkin - owner or the manor family. The tower was raised in 1937 (arch. A. Birkhans). From 1923-1940 it was a Writers Castle, then a cardiological rehabilitation centre. Since 1993 it houses the Regional Council of Sigulda.

Colour: silver
Diameter: 31.00 mm
Thickness: 2.25 mm
Edge: serrated, fine
Available: Yes
Release date: 2007
Price: 3.60 LVL

Heritage on coin
Every country has its own unique heritage to offer to the occasional visitor, as most nations can look back on a rich and stirring history. But also more recent attractions may display a countries dynamism and spirit of enterprise.
At such occasions, its always nice to take home a reminder of your visit. Something that will make you remember an interesting and pleasant day, on which you were moved or surprised, or on which you just had a good time or lots of fun.
Heritage on a Coins offers you lasting memories of your visits, in the form of an exclusive series of timeless heritage coins.

Coin you can buy in:
Tourism Information centre of Sigulda District
3 Raiņa street, Sigulda
Phone: +371 67971335




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