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Vecgulbene Manor Festival
In 17th and 18th of September Vecgulbene manor invites to a manor festival „Antiquity – challenge of contemporaneity”.

Vecgulbene manor festival will be opened in 17th of September by ball played by music band "Baltā māja". In 18th of September different activities will go on all through the day. Starting from 8.00 in the morning, in the White Castle park near pond a flower raft will be made. It will be layed in the pond at 10.00, when the official opening of the festival will start.
Closer to afternoon will be baron Heinrich fon Wolf and baroness Marisa reception of other barons from fon Wolf family manors in Latvia. After that will be concert „Stories of Manor Park”.
There will be an artisan market and market of flower plants all through the day. Visitors will have an opportunity to see Vecgulbene manor in guidance of baron and baroness. There will be different games from ancient times for children and adults, everybody will be invited to participate in creative workshops and to visit manor private museum and Gulbene district museum.

Source: Gulbene TIC
Date: September, 2010



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