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Cafe-bar "Kalna ligzda"

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Cafe-bar "Kalna ligzda"

Unforgettable Midsummer Night Festival in “Rakđi” together with camels and llamas
In 23rd of June, starting from 12:00 - Midsummer greens, flower crowns, delicious and healthy goods from Latvian countryside, performances of singers and dancers, open-air cinema and Midsummer Party.

 In 23rd of June everybody is welcome to „Raksi” in Amata region, near the Cesis (direct location in map for an unforgettable Midsummer Night Festival!
Starting from 12:00 a festival market will be opened. Local farmers will sell their home-made cumin cheese and other goods; it will be possible to buy Midsummer greens, flower crowns, pets and animals, artisan hand-made works. There will be singers and dancers performances during the market and special traditional attractions for children and adults. And of course a lot of beer!
The open-air cinema will start at 15:00 with a very popular Latvian children movie “Emils pranks” (after Astrid Lindgren’s book “Emil of Lonneberga”). At 18:00 traditional Latvian Midsummer comedy “Limousine in the color of Midsummer Night”.
At 20:00 the Midsummer Party will start together with groups “Eolika” and “Musiqq”.


Source: Cesis TIC and
Date: June, 2010



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