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Try more than 60 attractions in OZOLKALNS Adventure Park
In OZOLKALNS Adventure Park, admirers of active recreation have opportunities to try more than 60 attractions.

 In OZOLKALNS Adventure Park, admirers of active recreation have opportunities to try more than 60 attractions: among tall and short trees there are placed various rope courses, passes and obstacles, as well as descents along cable rip lines. When you fly down these longest descents in Latvia, the wind whistles in your ears and a tremendous view of the ancient Gauja valley’s treetops opens before your eyes.

OZOLKALNS Adventure Park was constructed in collaboration with experienced French engineers who have used their experience to create original attractions that are ideal for our environment. Most of them are one of a kind in whole Latvia. The great number of attractions ensures the opportunity to choose the best for you according to your strengths, preferences, and degree of courage. Thus, both adults and children can have active fun and enjoy wonderful nature.

By attending OZOLKALNSAdventurePark, you have the opportunity to relax from the hustle and noise of the city, commune with nature, test your physical preparation and strength, gain pleasure overcoming obstacles, as well as have a really good time with your family and friends. On your days off – at night, after enjoying the attractions, you will fall asleep more deeply and more sweetly than usual.

OZOLKALNS is located in Latvia, in the region of Cēsis, Amata district, Drabesi parish, in 'Saulkrasti', adjacent to Cīrulīši and less than a kilometer away from Žagarkalns.


Prices till 30th of June:

Adults - 7.00 LVL
Children (15 years of age or younger) - 4.00 LVL


Source: Cesis TIC and
Date: June, 2010



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