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„1st Baltic Bike Days” in Jűrmala in June 2010
On Tuesday, April 27, in hotel „Islande” at 11:00 a press conference with participation of the organizers and supporters of "1st Baltic Bike Days" in Jűrmala was held. The aim of the conference was to inform about the programme of the event.

Thanks to the successful last year’s 18th Annual European HOG Rally of „Harley Davidson” owners, group of activists of Latvian „Harley-Davidson” owners (HOG Riga Chapter Latvia) has established an association „Baltic Bike Days”. During the next years it will organize a huge event for motorcyclists of the Baltic States with a permanent venue – Jűrmala city.  

„1st Baltic Bike Days” will take place from the 11th to 12th June in Dzintari Concert Hall. It is planned that it will be attended by approximately 4000 motorcyclists from the Baltic States and other European countries. The visitors of the event could be interested in parade ride of motorcycles, as well as in concerts of famous Latvian musicians.  

Organizers promise to provide interesting and catching event – games, motorcycle shows and different amusements all day long: Poker ride, individual and organized motorcycle rides, club presentations and parade ride; competition among motorcycle clubs with the cup contest, as well as individual competitions, American cars exhibition, rides and shooting with the „Harley-Davidson” motorcycles; „custom bike” nominations in different categories; playground for children and different other activities connected with motorcycling.

And, of course, the snap of the city will be the ride along the beach and Jomas Street. It must be noticed that only in two places in the world such rides – organized and legal, were organized along the very coast of the sea – in the Dayton Beach (USA) and in Jűrmala city!

More information about the programme of the event will be available soon in the next issues of newspaper “Jűrmalas ziňas” and on home pages: and

Source: Jurmala TIC
Date: May, 2010



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