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Easter in Jūrmala
April 4, 2010 - „Easter bunny soft and white, Hopping quickly out of sight. Bringing treats and goodies too, I wish I could play with you!”

13:00 – Jūrmala Open air museum, Tīklu iela 1a, Lielupe Easter together with tradition group „Sonante”.

14:00 – 17:00 – Easter and spring festival will take place near by Kauguri culture house.

Performances of Jūrmala’s artists:

    • folk ensemble „Mare”;
    • group of Latvian traditions „Skantce”;
    • children’s folk dances collective „Zītariņš”;
    • youth folk dances collective „Zālīte”;
    • dance collective „Tapa”;
    • children’s vocal ensemble „Varavīksne”;
    • music chapel (manager Marko Ojala), as well as actors from Jūrmala City theatre.


  • funny and sporty spring relay;
  • bird cages’ colouring workshop;
  • exhibition of rabbits;
  • decoration of Easter eggs.


Everyone is welcome!!!

Source: Jurmala TIC
March 2010



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