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Recreation centre "Rāmkalni"

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"Kaķīša dzirnavīņas" from K. Skalbe's fairytale

Lācītes, recreation park

Celebration of spring in ceramic workshop «Cepļi»
Saturday, 20th of March 14:00 o’clock together with folklore group „Cielava” from Salacgriva.

Everyone will be welcomed to participate in different attractions:

• Taking out pots from a kiln;
• „Throwing pots”— the only time in a year when it is allowed in „Cepļi”
• Coloring of eggs (eggs should be taken by yourself);
• Bowling of eggs;
• Exchanging of eggs;
• Egg contest;
• Drinking of tea ;
• Songs and plays.
You are welcome!

Creative group of „Cepļi”
+371 29234867

March 2010




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