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Mujāņi castle and the White Tower

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Apply for „Soviet Secret Bunker” excursion in internet
„Soviet Secret Bunker” is one of favorite sightseeing objects in Vidzeme, bunker lies in territory of Rehabilitation Center „Līgatne” in Līgatnes area.

It is built in 80ties of the previous century for needs of soviet government in a case of a nuclear war. Bunker lies 9 meters under the earth; it is 2000 m2 large and is the only authentically preserved bunker in the territory of Latvia. The privacy seal of the bunker was cancelled only in 2003.

Preparing for the new tourism season „Soviet Secret Bunker” offers to book excursions in internet. Everyone is kindly asked to do it timely for ensuring extra service and possibility to visit the bunker in appropriate time.


More information about booking in internet in „bunker” home page:


Source: Rehabilitation center „Līgatne”

March 2010



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