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Celmi, holiday home

Ķoņi mill

"Kaķīša dzirnavīņas" from K. Skalbe's fairytale

Lāču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!

Restaurant "Jumurdas muiža"

[17.01.2008] Movie „Alūksne – the best place for tourists” will participate in movie contest
The film is made to show the potential tourists Alūksne city, its sights, events and recreation possibilities.

The movie is 20 min. long and was made in studio „EG video” by Einārs Gross (author of music - Gunārs Plukšs, author of text - Ilona Riekstiņa).

Iveta Kovtuņenko, the representative of Alūksne city council, points out that in November there was an invitation to participate in the movie contest and that this movie will aslo be shown in "Balttour 2008", which will take place from 8th - 10th of February in Riga.

"There are also new informative materials made about Alūksne city. For example, a postcard will inform the tourists about the biggest events in Alūksne in 2008 and the new travel guide will help the tourists to find their way in Alūksne" says I. Kovtuņenko

Source: Alūksne city council



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