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Restaurant-bar "Tālava"

Pumpkin days in Rakši
On the 31st of October and 1st of November in recreation complex Rakši there will be an open-air competition with pumpkins

Despite the autumn, on the last day of October and first day of November everyone is welcome to participate in the events organized by recreation complex “Rakši”. Everyone, who will arrive in Rakši with a pumpkin, can exchange it for attractions, but teams (up to 4 persons) can compete for the main prize – LVL 200. If you would like to participate, please, let us know in advance by e-mail ( and state the team name, number of participants, name and age.

Entrance fee, as usual, is LVL 2 for adults, LVL 1,2 for students and LVL 1 for children. Participation fee for a team is LVL 10. Special discounts for those who will stay overnight.

More information: +371 29468635 and

Source: Recreation complex Rakši



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