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Lāču miga, guest house

Cosy restaurant and guest house with especially good cuisine!

Narrow gauge train from Alūksne to Gulbene

Baltakmeņi, guest house

Bērzi, guest house

Mārtiņdiena (Martin’s day) events in Gulbene – Alūksne Narrow-gauge train
On the 7th of November everyone is welcome to participate in the events organized by the narrow-gauge railway!

· The train leaves at 13:25 pm from Gulbene railway station
· Events in the train during the ride (food, dancing, singing)
· Return to Gulbene railway station at 16:45 pm

Information and participation: +371 2022882, +371 64473037 or e-mail: or

Ticket price: children – LVL 4, adults – LVL 5, family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) – LVL 16. Entrance free, if your name is Mārtiņš (Martin)

Source: Gulbene TIC




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