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For your health and well-beeing. Here you can also find the secret bunkers from the Soviet times!

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[16.01.2008] In Cēsis there will be e-learning courses for guides
In order to improve the quality of Latvian tourist guides, when they speak about Cēsis and Cēsis castle complex, municipal agency „Vidzeme history and tourism centre” (VHTC) this years offers a possibility to take the courses online.

The main target audience of this project are professional guides, which cooperate with tourism firms and lead excursions in Cēsis. However, everyone interested is welcome to participate to obtain more knowledge about history of Cēsis, and to be able to tell more about the history of Cēsis castle. The e-lerning courses will last till May.


E-learning project is based on individual work with every interested guide, using e-mail communication. Every participant will receive a weekly e-mail with some information about history of Cēsis city. There will be 10 themes in total - e.g. the archeological exploration of Cēsis castle, Latvia's fight for freedom, history of Latvian flag etc. At the end of the courses, every participant should come up with his/her own individual excursion about Cēsis castle complex.


After evaluating the test scores and the quality of the tour, a special commitee  will decide about giving a registred certificate to a guide for three years. This certificate will be very important in the future, as beginning from 2009, in Cēsis castle complex only those guides could work, that will have the VHTC certificate.


The price for the e-learning course is 25Ls. One can apply till 22nd January, 2008 via e-mail, and stating the name of agency, name and surname in the e-mail.


General rules and programme.



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