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First house from sand built in Latvia
This autumn in Vienkoči park, Līgatne, the first and only sand house in Latvia was opened for the public

The house has been built using various eco-building ideas. The central part is built from clay and sand, but the outer part has been covered with clay and grass. Other elements include wine bottles for window and wood. The main emphasis has been put on creating a house from re-usable and environment-friendly materials. The material costs for this type of house are relatively low, but construction is quite hard. This house serves as an experiment to make sure that the building can survive the climate of Latvia.

Vienkoči park is located in Līgatne parish, next to Līgatne river, and the total area of the park is 9.25 ha. The main emphasis in the park is put on one-piece wooden structures and maximal use of nature materials.

 The park is open from 10 am – 18pm, please call in advance.

More information: +371 29329065

Please, do not forget to take warm clothes and appropriate shoes with you!


Source: Vienkoči park

Date: 22.10.2009



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