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Opera days in Madone district
2009. is the 90th anniversary for the National opera, as well as the 5th season of ccoperation with Madone district council. The opera days have become a great tradition and will take place also this year!

On the 18th of October the artists from the opera will visit Madona city. The guests include Sonora Vaice, Inga Šļubovska, Dana Bramane, Viesturs Jansons, Andris Ludvigs, Andris Lapiņš, Samsons Izjumovs, Jānis Apeinis as well as the orchestra and the orchestra headmaster Normunds Vaicis. The programme will include Johann Strauss, Ilme Kamran and Jak Ofenbah.
Enjoy the beautiful event in Madona on 17th and 18th of October!

Source: Madona TIC

Date: 14.10.2009



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