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Autumn hiking in Rūjiena
On 17th of October, at 10:00, Rūjiena City Council is organizing an autumn hiking excursion in Rūjiena

The event was first organized by Latvian Sports for All Association (LSAA), where the main emphasis was put on nordic walking in order to show the people that there is a simple and available way how to perform physical exercises for everyone.

This year the event is planned on 17th of October and aimed to introduce the people with more physical activities – running, walking, cycling, hiking, Nordic walking etc.

The event in Rūjiena will take place from 10:00 AM onwards, in front of Rūjiena City Council (Raiņa str. 3). The route will cross Rūjiena hill, Bumbieru, Ābeļu, Bērzu and Lačplēša str. and continue till Rīgas str. 34 in front of the Rūjiena exhibition hall. Total length of the route – 8km. The participants are asked to dress warm andwear comfortable shoes.  The route will be marked.

In case of a strong rain/snow the trip will be cancelled. The event is free of charge. Everyone is welcome! More information available by contacting Ms. Guna Ķibere by phone +371 29464888 or +37164263278, or e-mail:

Date: 14.10.2009



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